Aww, poor little Russell Westbrook needs his binky and a timeout.  Check out Westbrook losing his mind during a 15-point win on Thursday night.

This is an absolutely brutal display by Russell Westbrook.  You wanna talk about making a mountain out of a molehill; this is the epitome.  Westbrook was ticked off in the third quarter when he was whistled for a 5-second violation.  He was mad that Thabo Sefolosha didn’t move to a spot on the court to Westbrook’s liking.

Westbrook was miffed and turned snippy.  Head coach Scott Brooks benched Westbrook.  That’s when he sat next to assistant coach Mo Cheeks before going postal on a chair and stomping off to the locker room.  What a baby.

This pathetic display also happened in a game when the Oklahoma City Thunder dusted the Memphis Grizzlies 106-89.  Westbrook acted like his team was getting blown out by 40 points.  Learn to count to 10 or something, Russ.  My goodness, tone it down a few notches.

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