The 2018 World cup will be held in Russia this coming summer. Supporters attending the fixtures in Russia will be able to do something legally that fans from most nations wouldn't be allowed to do.

Bring drugs into a stadium. (You read that right)

Northern Ireland v Germany - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier
Credit: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

According to Newsweek, a bureaucratic loophole will allow fans attending the 2018 World Cup in Russia to bring marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs into matches with the correct medical paperwork. The Moscow-based Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) allows for certain banned narcotics to be brought into a country with supporting medical documentation. And if that's not enough, FIFA rules allow drugs to be brought into stadiums as well with proper documentation written in English or Russian.

“Security officers will monitor the enforcement of rules for carrying prescription drugs to stadium grounds at checkpoints,” the World Cup Organizing Committee said on Tuesday to The Moscow Times.

Of course it's soccer, right? Does this surprise anybody?

What are your thoughts on this?

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