Last night the Russian junior hockey team defeated Canada to win the Gold medal in Buffalo. They tried to go home but where kicked off the plane. Here is why.

They were hammered. Three sheets to the wind. BLEEP faced. they stayed up all night drinking vodka, on the phone with friends and relatives just partying like they where back stage at Guns and Roses.

This to me comes down to bad coaching, as a coach when you win a major title, like the Russians did, you dam well know they are going to celebrate. And as a Russian you dam well knows they are going to drink (hell, those guys drink to celebrate the sun coming up with a shot). As their coach you have to make sure they act sober- we have all had a few before a flight. I’ve blacked out for entire flights, WITH PLANE CHANGES!

Here is what you do in case you’ve had a few to many drinks before a flight - pop some mints and a pair of sun glasses and keep your head down. Don’t talk to any one you don’t know, and when you talk to someone you do whisper (remember you’re drunk). Order a drink as soon as you get on the plane. Take one sip and sit back and relax - this will explain the smell of booze. The entire Russian hockey team should have looked like the blues brothers and blown some cash getting drinks and TIPPING the stewardess.

Keep the noise down and get home, cause trust me they are planning a big old party in mother Russia for these kids.