It's cool that anyone can update Wikipedia with any info that they want.  It's even better when they write something as awesome as this about Ryan Fitzpatrick.

If you've never used Wikipedia, it's described as "an online free content encyclopedia project helping create a world in which everyone can freely share in the sum of all knowledge."  So the idea is that anyone can update or edit Wikipedia at any time.  While a lot of the info on that site is factual, unless you check with the sources of the update at the bottom, it's tough to verify it.

However, I will verify that whoever updated Ryan Fitzpatrick's Wikipedia page recently was right on.  They could not have been more descriptive about Ryan Fitzpatrick and his involvement at the Bills game last Saturday night when they took on the Patriots at Highmark Stadium.

It has since been deleted, but luckily, someone took a screenshot:

attachment-Ryan Fitzpatrick Wikipedia page

Here's what's true about it:

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick did attend the Bilsl playoff game against the New England Patriots.
  • He was photographed with fans while he had his shirt off.
  • The Bills did beat the Patriots.

Here's what's hilarious about it:

  • The thought of men gazing upon his chiseled physique.
  • The thought of women not being able to control themselves at the view of such a specimen
  • The statement that Fitzpatrick was still the 2nd best quarterback in the stadium behind Josh Allen

You know what?  Now that I look at it, I'm not too sure that the whole thing isn't true.

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