Yesterday we saw what will hopefully be rock bottom for the Jets rookie quarterback Sam Darnold. In a loss to the Miami Dolphins, Darnold was sacked 4 times, hit 7 times and threw 4 interceptions and like a good leader he took the blame after the game. I'm here to tell you he's not the only one that should be taking blame and as a matter of fact he is probably as low as fourth on the blame totem pole.

If you simply read the box score it's easy to focus your blame directly at Sam Darnold, it was an ugly day for the Rookie signal caller but he's about four from the top on who should be blamed for yesterday's awful Jets performance. He's not blame free but he's behind the offensive line both literally and on this list. The O Line had no answers for Dolphin pass rushers Cameron Wake and Akeem Spence. Wake and Spence had combined for ONE sack so far this season but had TWO EACH yesterday. I know Wake is a former pro bowler but he has been average at best so far this season. Darnold was constantly pressured and sacked. Darnold isn't Cam Newton but he isn't Eli Manning either. He can avoid the pass rush if given half a second.

I hate to point my finger at this guy I put second but facts are facts and the fact is Jets' Center Spencer Long didn't belong out there yesterday. Long was clearly hurt and was brutal snapping in the shotgun. Being off target the entire game left Darnold wondering where the ball was going and clearly took his focus away from the defense in front of him.

Top of my list is hands down Todd Bowles and the Jets' offensive coaching staff. Long couldn't snap in the shotgun formation at all so you keep calling plays out of shotgun? You've got a veteran back up in Jonathan Harris but you keep Long in? This was a winnable game and the lack of coaching blew it.

Meanwhile all I see online is outrage over Sam Darnold's performance. As a rookie starter it's the coaches job to make smart moves to protect him and simplify the game and the other play makers have to give it their all. The Jets let Darnold down yesterday not the other way around. If you've ever wondered why the Jets haven't drafted a franchise QB since Joe Namath look at your own outrage towards a rookie that has proven he can make all the throws when given a chance after a game where he was forced to catch snaps like he was Odell Beckham Jr, then read a defense, plant his feet and deliver a throw in under two seconds because the offensive line was injured and under performing.

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