The sissification continues in sports,  sad to say, this time courtesy of San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy! A former catcher himself, Bochy has told his catcher Buster Posey not to block the plate. Yes, you read that correctly, a catcher has been ordered by his manager not to block the plate!

Last year Posey, a rising star and heart of the Giants, got taken out at the plate by Florida's Scott Cousins. It was a totally clean play. Posey was blocking the plate and Cousins came in hard and clean and knocked Posey for a loop, breaking 3 bones in Posey's ankle and his fibula. The play came in the 12th inning of a game in SF.

Right after that, the whining started. ESPN's Buster Olney led the whine party as did Bochy and Giants GM Brian Sabean calling for rule changes.. Waaaaaah!

Many catchers from days gone by hammered the 3 cry babies and rightfully so. Now Bochy, who was no wall flower, claims he has taken the task of demanding his catcher not block the plate.

Really Bochy, what is Posey supposed to do, allow the runner to score? Maybe put a skirt on your backstop? Perhaps have the runner at 3rd put a flag in his pocket and let the catcher try and pull the flag to declare an out?

This, folks, is the continuation of taking away manhood from sports and society, and make men more like women in my opinion. This country has turned soft. I never thought I would see it in sports, but it has come. From the NFL to the NHL and now MLB.

Whats next, Buster Olney outlawing a runner from going hard into 2nd base to break up a double play? Not allow a runner to barrel into a blocked base? Perhaps eliminate out fielders from diving for a ball or jumping a wall to make a catch? Hey, maybe we can share the World Series trophy with the losing team? I mean, you don't want to have losers in life, right?

Makes me sick, this continual girl-ification of sports! Hey, these guys get paid a lot of money and that's great, but there are risks involved. Oh, poor baby got a boo-boo!

You can make all the rules you want to try and "save" people from hurting themselves or getting hurt and yet it won't work. If the Giants are upset, they should seek revenge on the scoreboard and perhaps the next time Cousins digs in against the Giants. This is how you police the games- not with some weak rule banning hammering the catcher if he is in the way.

Next thing you know, teams will have to apologize after a victory.

This declaration by Bochy is just further eroding the masculinity of America. It is a societal problem, not just a sports thing. Whiners like Buster Olney and Bruce Bochy are the problem, not some random injury on a freak play that rarely happens. What Bochy needs to do is teach Posey better technique not to get out of the way or 'ole" a runner to the plate.

Hey, how soon until we have woman and men playing on the same teams in pro sports so we can be even softer? That is not to be taken as "women are soft", but clearly not as physical as men in most situations. Heck, you ever watch women's hoops? Not my favorite thing, that's for sure, but these ladies can get mean and tough at times because that's the nature of sport. Wear down your opponent and beat them physically which leads to beating them mentally. Once you beat your opponent mentally, you have them beat!

No, don't soften the games up. In fact just the opposite, and yes you can play tough and not play dirty. Dirty has no place in sports, but toughness sure does!

If we put Olney in charge of football maybe we can ban running the ball too much and if he led the NHL you would have to warn  a player before checking them. You see the absurdity in this because I do!

Hey Bruce Bochy, seems your calling is women's hockey where the "rules" say you CAN'T check an opponent. Seems you like the no-physical aspect of sports and take Olney with you!