Here are some Saratoga Track records:

Also, the history of Saratoga as told by Bill Nack. It's long but so interesting:

The history of Saratoga Race Track is so interesting when told by race pro Bill Nack.
If you want to hear about the history from one man's perspective, Bill's is great.

My first time at the track was when I caught the bus from NYC with my friend, Roger, and as two 15-year-olds drawn by racing, in love with days at the track we made our way there. Roger was good at picking horses. I, on the other hand, sucked, so most nights Roger was buying dinner at White Castle when we got back to Queens.

What great days they were. We were too young to bet but a sports coat and firm look made us look older.

We never got thrown out or denied a bet. Those long summer days as a kid at the track were some of my fondest memories from that time in my life. Although I don't recommend 15-year-olds bet at the track, it was a great lesson in human behavior at a beautiful location.