Well here's something you'll never see in Albany where, for the record, I was "gifted" a shiny new parking ticket over Thanksgiving weekend.  A town in Schoharie County has replaced its parking meters with something much more festive than a slip of paper on your windshield and a $50 dollar fine.   So why are candy canes and Christmas mints replacing city parking meters and what does this mean?

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What does this mean for those who typically pay for their parking in Middleburgh?

According to the Middleburgh Rotary, over Thanksgiving weekend parking meters were covered up to look like candy canes and Christmas mints - and most importantly, your money is no good here!

In a recent Facebook post, they wrote, "Middleburgh's Rotary Elves were busy this morning, covering the parking meters on  Main Street. Save your spare change for Small Business Saturday!"

Metered parking areas mean FREE PARKING in Middleburgh.

How long will it last?

This is something they've been doing every year in Schoharie County since the 50s or the 60s and I love it.  Here's an old photo from one of the first years they did it.

Photo: Middleburgh Rotary
Photo: Middleburgh Rotary

Again, I live in Albany, where the parking police will literally measure how close you are to the side of the road and ticket you if you're sticking out a few inches.

But not in the Town of Middleburgh where you can park for free through the New Year.

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