One of my favorite interviews so far on Super Bowl Radio Row has been Author and Seahawks' reporter Jen Mueller. Sh has a new book coming out "The Influential Conversationalist." Jen said it's her version of leadership and after talkers to her I'm interested.

I asked Jen: what is your take on sexism in sports?

Muller: “the question that drives me crazy most, as a women how much harder is it for you in the locker room; as a women how hard is it for you to be in sports, as a women, it drives me nuts! Because there a perception that it’s harder for me than it is for you. It is hard to succeed in this business, i don’t care who you are. Male, female, alien it doesn’t matter. Don’t assume that it’s harder for me because I actually have an advantage if I’m the only woman in the locker room. Guess who they remember, guess who is pretty easy for them to build a relationship with because they notice every single time I’m in there. I don’t get lost in the sea of faces. It could be intimidating if you choose to look at it that way or you can find the positive in that and say I’m going to use that to my advantage. I naturally build relationships, they naturally trust me and I don’t have to work hard to stand out or be noticed to get the next opportunity. When you start to dealing with the controversial stuff, part of this comes down to having conversations. We all need to be better at having conversations with people. Seeing people as people, and having conversations. So I didn’t mean for it to be as controversial, as just kind of a reminder that, it’s not any different for me than it is for you. Stop telling women that it’s so hard to do this job. If you want more women in the business, don’t tell me how hard it’s going to be because why would I ever want to do something that’s extra hard. Let’s find the silver lining, let’s learn how to communicate better, and you can do whatever you’d like in your career.”
What a great message for young women considering a career in sports or really any career.

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