This new video game commerical for TopSpin 2K makes me think of two things.  #1 - Serena looks lovely in this commercial.  #2 -

Now that's a tease.  #2 - (than nothing??)  Holy cow.  How could you not click on "Read More"?  This commercial makes me think of two things. 

Yes, Serena looks good.  By the way, how much did they do to enhance her looks?  This isn't the stunning Serena from seven or eight years ago.  This is the Serena who's put on a few L-B's.  She looks great though.

The second thing, which is more more important, is this: Should female sports promote the sex appeal of their athletes via advertising even more?


Think about it.  There is a much higher percentage of male sports viewers than female sports viewers.  You're not going to lose your diehard female sports viewers who are already hooked on the sport to begin with.  How can you get the attention of the male sports audience? 

Sex sells.  I'm not suggesting that every female athlete who is attractive should do a commercial in a thong.  There is a line that shouldn't be crossed to avoid a female sport looking cheap, but there is an upside to being polarizing. 

There have been a lot of commercials that have generated great buzz although they weren't accepted by all.  The Tiger Woods commercial with his dead father doing the voice over.  The LeBron James commercial following "The Decision" which begged the question, "Should I be who you want me to be?"  And of course, Charles Barkley in, "I am not a role model."

Danica Patrick doing suggestive GoDaddy commercials gets the attention of a male audience.  Doing similar ads with a WNBA player isn't going to make the sport more popular than the NFL.  However, it would help to create some buzz.  It would help female sports grow in some aspects.

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