It was just over a month ago when Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy told reporters that he wanted nothing to do with ex-Eagles coach Chip Kelly. Kelly is now the coach for San Francisco 49ers and McCoy has given some free advice to the 49ers players.

“Chip is ... he wants to win,” McCoy said. “He’s very, very intelligent. The offense, they’ll find ways to get big numbers. They’ll find ways to put stats up offensively. You just got to, I think, with him coming in there, no matter how good of a player or lower of a player you are, if you just automatically believe him, no matter if it sounds crazy and you’re like, ‘What is he talking about?’ If you just automatically believe and buy in, I think you’ll be fine.”

McCoy has yet to talk to Chip Kelly since the Eagles traded the pro-bowler.

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