Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have changed the game for athletes and fans.

In today's society  you don't have to say anything  directly to an athlete, you can hide behind social media and bash players and teams without anyone knowing who you are. Many fan's take to twitter  and say some of the most disgusting thing's you could ever imagine to athletes pro and college.

The latest case is Oklahoma State PG Marcus Smart who has just finished his suspension for getting into an altercation with a fan. Marcus Smart responded to a "Twitter Heckler" that wrote negative tweets pertaining to his OK State Basketball team during a game .

"Yo dude," Smart tweeted. "Listen no one is forcing u to watch the game or watch us play. If you're a Osu cowboy, act like it. I'm tired of seeing your negativity towards the team and the coaches. These aren't shots fired or any disrespect. Just saying."

So the question comes into play, do college coach's try to put a rule on there players on social media?

Here's audio of Joe&Brix talking about social media with college athletes.