Okay the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, what should we really take from the New York Giants' season opener? Our friend Matt Verderame from Fansided helps us sort panic from true perception.

Here's the panic: The line sucks, Eli has lost it, team can't win without Odell Beckham Jr and the defense isn't what it was last year. That about sum it up for everyone?

Here's what I believe to be true perception: IT'S WEEK ONE AND WE ALL NEED TO RELAX!!! First off the offensive line is not one of the top lines in the league, however I think they are better than what we saw Sunday night. Eli Manning will be fine. Yes I expect him to regress a little but throwing to OBJ, Brandon Marshall, Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard will help. The Defense was on the field way too long for two reasons. The first being Dallas is really good and the second is Head coach Ben McAdoo gives up on the run FAR too early.

Listen what Verderame thinks up above.

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