The Eagles and Patriots have arrived in Minnesota for Super Bowl LII! But before they got there, we were joined by Fansided's Matt Verderame joined us to break down how we got to this point and how Super Bowl LII may unfold.

Can the Eagles do what the Giants did and defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl? Verderame believes if anyone can do it, the Eagles have what it takes.

"I think this is a very hard matchup for New England." Verderame said. "Peterson learned a lot under Andy Reid. He was a player under him at the end of his career, and then was an offensive coordinator in Kansas City, and so when you look at who has given Belichick the hardest time in his career, its been Andy Reid."

Make sure to tune in all week as Levack & Goz are live in Minnesota on Radio Row to give you everything you need to be ready for Super Bowl LII.

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