You may not care all that much about ACC Football, but you should care about the controversial ending in the Duke vs. Miami game on Saturday night. Duke, ranked No. 22 in the nation and Miami, fighting to regain relevance after firing head coach Al Golden, provided us one of the craziest endings ever...

Take a look at the sped-up version from the crew at Good Morning America.

Eight laterals? That's unbelievable in its own right. What's more unbelievable is that a Miami player (looks like lateral 4) appears to be down. If you can see this photo below, it looks pretty evident:

This loss could cost Duke a chance to play for the ACC Championship. Duke is now 3-1 in the league.

The referees reviewed the play and STILL awarded Miami the touchdown. There's been a lot of talk this morning on "Mike and Mike." Should the NCAA reverse the ruling and award Duke the win?


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