The Jets helped out Sam Darnold by adding someone to protect him and a target hopefully for years to come but how did Joe Douglas do late in the draft and should they have taken another WR in what was a deep class? Mark Cannizzaro from the NY Post joined the show to take us through the Jets draft and some bonus coverage on the potential golf event coming soon! Make sure to listen above and weekdays from 10 AM to 1 PM!

It’s never easy to say which team was the overall winner of the NFL Draft, but honestly, the true champion was commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL itself. The virtual draft provided a family atmosphere in the homes of all the Head Coaches and General Managers, and made for a very nice touch, especially with everyone in the midst of a Pandemic. Fans got an inside look at some beautiful homes, and watching the kids get themselves on National Television, was the best part of it all.

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