It's a business.

You hear that a lot these days in sports, usually right before or right after someone tells you something you're not going to like.  "Your favorite player was just cut.  Hey, it's a business."  "Ticket prices are going up.  What can you do, it's a business?"

"It's a business, and Ryan Callahan wants more money than he's worth.  He'll leave the team at the end of the year, they have to get something back for him.  They should trade him."

And it's true.  It is a business.  So, in a lot of ways, trading Ryan Callahan makes sense for the Rangers. If he is going to leave, they should get something back for him.

Well, to hell with the business.

Right now, these Blueshirts are a contender.  They were the hottest team in the league before the Olympic break, and should come back from it in similar form - particularly when Mats Zuccarello returns from a hand injury.  Can they, though, without Ryan Callahan?  Without the most effective grinder - one of very few left - on the roster?

No.  No they can't.  This team, to me, cannot contend without their captain, without Ryan Callahan.

So while a trade makes business sense, it's a terrible, disastrous idea.

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