Believe it or not it's almost Lacrosse season. I know there's snow everywhere and potentially another storm heading our way but Siena is about to get their season started and let me tell you the Saints aren't taking it easy!

The Siena Saints Men's Lacrosse team starts their season this Saturday February 11th  at the Syracuse Orange! The Orange are a perennial power in the world of Lacrosse and will be a true test as to just how good the Saints are right out of the gates. Don't misunderstand me, even if the Saints lose they have plenty of season to rebound but schedule such a difficult opponent so early will point out any and all flaws the Saints have and do so in a hurry.

Assistant coach Gill  Conners joined Levack and Goz to discuss the upcoming season and some local kids that have transferred back to the area and joined the Saints.

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