School is in-session across the United States, and based on data published by a recent study, a few groups of students in New York are receiving some world-class education this academic year.

The study in-question was done by the fine folks at WalletHub. Their experts compared over 800 institutions of higher education from across the country, and found a way to rank each of them based on quality of school.

In short, they've ranked every college in the country, more or less, from best to worst.

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How did they do it? They compared data from each school across 30 key measures and fit that data into seven pre-determined categories, such as Student Selectivity and Cost & Financing and Career Outcomes.

All of the information was then condensed down into a Total Score. Scores in this study ranged from 79.07, given to the top institution in the country (Yale), to 52.78, awarded to the institution on the other end of the spectrum (University of La Verne in CA).

Here is a visual representation of the results of their study:

Source: WalletHub

As it turns out, WalletHub's interactive spreadsheet has data that can be sorted by state. So, we scrolled down to the "NY" section of the study, and took a look at the top institutions in the Empire State.

Based on this data, a whopping SIX of the top ten colleges in New York are in Upstate New York. Scroll below to check out the full top-ten list.

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