On a scale of 1-10, how American are you?

A study done by the travel website Viator attempted to answer that question, except instead of applying it to individual citizens, they applied it to each state in the union, in order to deduce which states are more "All-American" than the rest.

If we are to believe the findings from this study, then New York is truly one of the most patriotic, All-American states that you'll find anywhere in the country.

Scroll below to see what they found.

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To create their final rankings, the experts at Viator examined each state in the union through the following criteria:

  • Number of landmarks
  • Number of national park sites
  • Number of fast-food restaurants
  • Number of sports venues
  • Number of RV dealerships and parks
  • Percentage of homeownership

From there, each variable was weighed based on each state's relative size, and a "final score" was calculated for each of the 50 U.S. states.

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With a score of 8.689 out of a possible 10, New York has been named the 4th-most All-American state in the country. Notably, New York has 275 historic landmarks, which trounces any other state in the union, and 46 sports venues from which sports fans can choose to visit.

Only Pennsylvania (9.048), California (8.975) and Florida (8.811) were considered to be more All-American than the Empire State. Michigan (8.641) rounded out the top-five on this list.

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Here is where other states in the Northeast were ranked in this study:

  • New York - 4th
  • Massachusetts - 19th
  • New Jersey - 20th
  • Maine - 31st
  • Connecticut - 34th
  • New Hampshire - 36th
  • Vermont - 47th
  • Rhode Island - 49th

The least All-American state in the country, according to this study, is North Dakota.

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