Snoop Dogg was asked to throw the first pitch in San Diego as the Padres took on the Atlanta Braves. Given his sports background and how he is always at sporting events, you think he would know how to throw a baseball. Apparently he doesn't. And man, was it ugly.

The wind-up was certainly unorthodox, but no way near the hideous display that resulted when the ball left his hand.

Here is the video evidence:

I also give major credit to the woman Mr. Dogg almost hit, by paying attention while standing in the vicinity of an oncoming projectile from the hand of the legendary rapper. Not only was she paying attention, but her cat-like reflexes came into play as she dodged the airmailed pitch with a little matrix-style move. Snoop got a good amount of velocity on that pitch, no matter what direction it ended up flying.

What makes it worse for Snoop is that this isn't the first time he threw out the ceremonial pitch at a major league game. He also did it for the White Sox, Dodgers, and Blue Jays. Bandwagon-fan much, Snoop? Pick one team!

This makes us think of 50 Cent's first pitch at Citi Field. That one, I think we all knew was going to be bad before he stepped on the mound.

So why not compare the two. Here is 50 Cent's pitch:

Which pitch do you think was worse?

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