Well unless you live under a rock you know we are getting around of foot of snow tonight.  And if this is the first time you are hearing this, you probably should read a paper or watch the news or something (come on man culture your self, girls like that junk). Here are a few ways to get you self in the spring mindset.

Shorts- I know a lot of guys who were them year round, that’s just crazy. I’m saying start this weekend who is worried about digging out from a blizzard when they are walking around in cargo shorts? No one that’s who.

Fishing- it’s not cold enough for the ponds to freeze over and April is the start of fishing season. Nothing is more relaxing then casting a line out in hopes of catching dinner. So what that there are kids sledding next to you, just remember those kids are stupid for sledding that close to the pond. Are you gonna let a stupid kid ruin your day?


Drinking- I’ve been shirtless in Potsdam New York in February and been fine with it because I was drinking.  Drinking a 12 pack is the ultimate screw you to a snow storm. “Yah it’s snowing but  I got 12 tall boys of crisp cold Coors Light to keep me warm and dry inside my house while it comes down”.


That’s all I got- If you have any other ideas on how to kill time during this storm email them to me at Alanfish@1045theteam.com and you will be  featured in an article tomorrow.

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