We talked food, how to skip work the day after, what pizza toppings to get on your party pie, and who and who to invite to your party…..now it’s time to DISCUSS BEER

Beer is the lubrication that makes a successful Super Bowl party run like a fine automobile. Whether it’s just a frosty six pack for you and your Dad or its 3 kegs for your huge man cave blow out for you and your buddies’ beer is a very critical part of the party.

Here is a list of Fan Favorites and big party fouls

Bud Light- Bud Light is one the biggest beers consumed internationally, and is a bigger crowd pleaser then its full flavored brother. This beer allows you please both the male and female party goers in one beer (2 guest one cup). It is also the product that produces some of the funniest commercials during the Super Bowl, leading to immediate parody by the people in attendance.  So if a hot chick takes here shirt off and makes out with the host in the commercial you better free up the rest of your night.

Coors Light- a satisfactory substitute for Bud Light, people all seem to


love this official beer of the NFL. Commercials are funny, not as funny as Bud Light but funny, the beer is fresh cold and crisp (my preferred light beer).It also lets you preview your beer with the cold mountain window thing. You won’t have a disappointed face in the party if grab a couple of 30 racks of the silver bullets well except that one guy who claims to be allergic to Rocky Mountain refreshment, but hey screw him.

Heineken- this beer will appeal to the classier party guest as well as the old looking Swedish guys you have over, grab a 12 pack of this and keep it tucked away like you’re hiding that “Play Boy” you had back when you were 14.  This beer the other ones you can be a real crowd pleaser and have the whole party be Heineken, but in this economy its financial suicide.

Corona- This beer is the best of all 3 rolled into one. Imported, cheep, and people generally love it WITH LIME. If you are stocking up on Corona at your party don’t be the jack wagon who forgets the limes people will riot like they live in downtown Egypt. Make sure when you buy your case of Corona’s you pick up 3 to 4 limes or people will leave your party so fast you’ll think your house smells like dog farts.


Micro Brew-

(NO) People don’t want feel like you no more about beer because you drink some crappy tasting thing made in guys garage. Don’t be a snob and keep your crap beer hidden from view. The last thing I want is a super dark beer that taste like old socks.

Twisted Tea and Mikes Hard- allowed in small numbers, this will provide a fresh alternative for the ladies in the room. However do not stock the whole party with these flavored fruity delights, unless you want some rumors flying around about you in your group of friends. Also feel free to make fun of any guy downing any of these girly drinks. Make sure for every bottle of “Mikes or Twisted”, you have 3 of the approved light beers to keep the party centered and fun.

Wine- What No is this football or a cheese tasting. Put the grapes back on the rack and take your manhood out of your wife’s purse. NO, dear lord NOOOOOOOO

Cheap Beer- keep your cost for a 12 pack at or around 10 bucks and you are fine, people (who aren’t Hipsters) don’t want a PBR or Natty Ice with their super snacks. Come on tight wad spend a few bones on the brew. You will never live it down if you stock the whole party with Key Stone Light (even Keith Stone thinks that’s a bad idea, and he is smooth). 

Hopefully this will help with your decision on what beers and alcoholic beverages to buy for your Super Bowl party remember drink responsibly and junk. If you don’t drink responsibly you’ll end up looking like this guy.


No one wants to look like this guy

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