It's impossible to list all my favorite interviews I've done over the last seven years here but as I sit here preparing to do my last few full-time shows there are a few that come to mind. There's obviously every time Buster Olney has been on the show but I actually consider him part of the show and more than just a guest. Obviously, the Super Bowl trips are the base for a lot of the ones I'm most proud of. Let me know if any interviews I've been lucky enough to do are your favorites, please. Here are a few top interviews in no particular order.

I feel Like every time Las Vegas Insider Brandon Lang joined the show I was guaranteed to need the "Dump Button" so I went from fearing him to loving him. I don't have ONE favorite so I just randomly searched the Team site for one and poof!!! "Football Is Back And So Is Brandon Lang NSFW" the Not Safe For Work tag means it has to be good.

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How about the time when I told then-unknown New England Patriots Defensive Back Malcolm Butler he was going to make a big play and win Super Bowl 49 over the Seattle Seahawks?

Talking to Yankees legendary pitcher CC Sabathia was a great moment for me! We bonded over our use of the word "WE" when speaking about our Yankees and Raiders.

At the last Radio Row I got to cover for the Team at Super Bowl 55 in Miami we met former Seattle Seahawk linebacker Lofa Tatupu. This interview was a lot of fun but crazy because it turned into Lofa becoming a real-life friend that I highly value!

I will legit NEVER forget the time Detroit Lions Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders helped me "Revive the Five" and laughed at my jokes.

The list goes on for days of greats and great people this job has afforded me the opportunity to sit down and speak with. I could legit go on for hours about Herm Edwards hating me, Mike Greenberg being grossed out by me, or being invited to the now-late owner of the Bunny Ranch Dennis Hoff's birthday. Honestly, the best talks were when any of you listeners would take the time to come to an event and we could just be fans together.

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