Last time we spoke to Seahawks legend Lofa Tatupu he said there was no way the Bills could beat the Seahawks. He's back to admit he was wrong about Buffalo and breakdown Seahawks versus New York Giants. Last time he said "Thurman Thomas and Bruce Smith aren't coming through that door." Will he see any Giants great coming down the tunnel this time?

If you believe in jinx's you'll love what Lofa has to say about this week's game. He said lighting won't strike twice and "LT and Harry Carson aren't coming down that tunnel." I think we all feel that the Giants without Daniel "Danny Dimes" Jones Big Blue's chances of pulling this upset are slim but the Tatupu jinx could be in for you. He legit said that he will never call the show again if the Seahawks lose to the Giants lol.

The bigger issue for the Giants and I do mean BIGGER is Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf. Considering that Lofa Tatupu was the man on the Seahawks defense for years we asked him how he would tell Giants cornerback James Bradberry to stop Metcalf and his answer was pretty simple "Get Help!" The safeties and the corners will be pretty busy for the Giants defense when they travel to Seattle to face the Seahawks. Check out Lofa's full interview including his thoughts on the return of Josh Gordon to the NFL below.

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