We are desperate for sports so much right now that we did something we have yet to do on the show during this pandemic and that is have a doctor on the show. Dr. Rand McClain is a sports medicine expert and was the perfect guy to talk to during this time of questioning how professional sports will come back. He has worked with many professional athletes throughout his career and discussed what support and stadium staff is necessary to play a game and of course most likely without fans. One important question he answers is if there is enough testing for these leagues. Make sure to listen above and to Big Board Sports every weekday from 10 AM to 1 PM!


RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: I have never been a fan of Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott making $30 million plus a season,  because he’s not proven himself in big games. Along comes the signing of Andy Dalton to one year deal, and something tells me the Prescott deal gets done before July 15th. And if Dak doesn’t sign long term, Dalton is a 3 game losing streak away from stepping into the starter’s role. It was a brilliant move by Dallas, signing Dalton to a one year contract with a base salary of $3 million, and putting some pressure on Dak and his agent to come to their senses. Dak should take the money the Cowboys are offering, or risk losing it all together.

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