Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images
Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

The mystery of Masahiro Tanaka has been one of the biggest storylines of the Yankees 20014 offseason. The Bombers' new $155 million man went 24-0 in the Japanese league last year, but his “stuff” has largely been clouded in mystery. We know that Tanaka’s best pitch is his splitter, but its effectiveness at the major league level has been widely speculated about.

That’s why Joe & Brix on 104.5 The Team tracked down John Brenkus of ESPN’s Sports Science to get some answers. Brenkus and his team recently broke down Tanaka’s repertoire and provided unique insight into how he will transition into the majors.

Check out the interview below and make sure to tune into Joe & Brix on 104.5 The Team. 

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