SportsCenter Acnhor John Buccigross remembers the capital region very fondly after calling the Union men's hockey 2014 championship. It was great reminiscing with him about that as well as talking about the hot topics around the sports world right now. In terms of our Sunday nights, Bucci Mane got us psyched for the continuation of the documentaries on ESPN after the expectations were set very high by "The Last Dance". Will Buccigross get you pumped up as well? Listen above for that and much much more!

The Jets need to show Jamal Adams the money, and they should do it before a new season starts. I know he’s under contract for two more years, but he’s arguable the best defensive player on the Jets roster and deserves to be the highest paid cornerback in the NFL. Adams feels like the Jets are dragging their heels, and he’s not wrong. The Jets have the money, no reason not to give to Adams.

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