I'm generally not all that impressed by mammoth home runs. Whether it goes 312 feet or 495 feet, it counts just the same.

As a pitcher, I've conditioned myself to realize that all home runs hurt the same, even if they aren't created equally.

That said, I had to take a step back last night and rewatch the blast that Marlins $300-million man Giancarlo Stanton hit at Dodger Stadium.

Err, rather, uh, hit OUT of Dodger Stadium. OUT of the stadium. Are you kidding me? Stanton's first-inning blast was hit to deep left field, over the crowd, and into the unknown behind the confines of the baseball cathedral.

Here you can see the shot from a few different perspectives:

In the first year of a 13 year/$325 million deal, Stanton is hitting just .252. However, he does have eight home runs and 30 RBIs for the Marlins.

I guess after a blast like this, he's worth a lot of money...


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