The Bills were hoping Matt Cassel would emerge as the front runner midway through the summer but that is definitely not the case at this time. 

"I just thought Cassel would be the clear front runner going into training camp," said Sal Maiorana of the Rochester Democrat and Chroincle, with Armen and Levack on 104.5 The Team. "He didn’t really distinguish himself.

"To be honest with you, EJ Manuel looked the best of the three and to me that’s great news for the bills. If he can continue on that path and show some real progress in training camp I really think the bills are dying for him to step up and win this job. That’s the guy they picked in the first round two years ago, that’s the guy they got a big monetary investment.

"But when you pick a guy in the first round you need him to play for you, I think they would love for EJ to win the job and again if I had to give them a grade or order of preference I thought it was Manuel, Cassel, Taylor at the end of the mini camps."

By far the biggest surprise is that Cassel has not stood out at all. In fact, if he continues to be underwhelming, it's now a possibility that he doesn't even make the Bills roster as Buffalo could save a nice wad of cash that way.Listen to Armen and Levack weekdays from 3 to 7pm ET on 'Your Home for New York Sports', 104.5 The Team.

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