Originally scheduled for yesterday afternoon, the Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals will resume their series with Game 4 today at 4pm. You can hear the Cubs-Nationals game on your home for the MLB playoffs, ESPN Radio 1045 The Team. The one day layoff seemed to help the Washington Nationals as Stephen Strasburg seemed to be rested and set to go. Instead Strasburg will not pitch game 4 tonight of "allergies"

espn.com the Washington Nationals team is dealing with mold that is having some members of the staff feeling sick. Manager Dusty Baker further went on to say this about the health concern of his players.

"Didn't work out for Stras for his bullpen day, and we're all creatures of habit, and plus, we've got full confidence in Tanner,and Stras, it would have been better, because he's feeling under the weather, like a lot of my team is. So this day actually comes as a plus for our team."

Does no Strasburg mean the Chicago Cubs will punch their ticket to a third straight NLCS? Let us know below.


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