Over the next number of weeks, Brian Cady will be joined on "Cady's Corner" every Saturday morning at around 10:15 by a representative from the Capital District Basketball Association, the only NCAA-sanctioned summer league in the Capital Region and one of only about 70 in the entire country. In these final two Saturday of June, Brian was joined by CDBA player Steve Dagostino and CDBA supporter / new Tamarac Girls varsity head coach Eric Medved.

On last week's show, Steve discussed several topics on the show covering his entire career. From the great basketball legacy of his family, to playing in Europe, even discussing his engagement to his soon-to-be wife, Brian pulled very few punches in exploring the life of Steve Dagostino.

And this week, Brian was joined by Eric Medved, who among his other duties is also the Chairman for AAU Boys basketball in the Adirondack Region and is assisting former Section 2 standout Jimmer Fredette with his summer camp in the Glens Falls area. Eric discussed the multiple hats he wears in the Capital Region, as well as how he balances the pressure of being a head basketball coach and being a father, as his daughter rises through the ranks in the Tamarac program.

For more information regarding the Capital District Basketball Association, visit their website here.

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