Ken Davidoff asked Gerrit Cole if he ever used Spider Tack and Cole's answer, or his stumbling to answer, went viral. Major League Baseball has promised to address all of the sticky substances being used and it has become a major talking point recently in the baseball world. We talked to Davidoff about all of it because who better to talk about this problem in Major League Baseball then the guy who caught Gerrit Cole off-guard. Was Ken surprised Cole was not prepared to answer that question? Is this just a reaction from Major League Baseball to the lack of hitting this season? What is the answer and when will MLB make their move in implementing a policing system of this? Make sure to listen above and to Big Board Sports every weekday from 10 AM to 1 PM.

I also want to pay tribute Jim Fassel. Fassel will never be remembered as the greatest Giants coach of all time, but he will be remember as a very good coach who had a one great season in 1997 that ended up with a Super Bowl loss to Baltimore. More importantly Fassel will fondly be remembered by Capital Region fans for supporting the Giants holding training camp at the University at Albany. Fassel loved getting his team away from the Meadowlands and under one roof on the UA campus. Fassel developed some very good relationships with the media, and that included my relationship with Fassel, which I appreciated during his Albany training camp days. RIP Coach Fassel.

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