The American League Championship Series is basically going how many of us predicted it would before it began but somehow feels worse. The theory was the Yankees need to beat everyone not named Justin Verlander or Gerrit Cole and they'd be fine. Now obviously you'd most likely need to beat one of them but if that's game 7 on short rest so be it. So here we are trailing 2 - 1 after losing to Cole and Verlander and everyone is blaming the Yankees' pitching. If you want to blame someone that's fine but pitching isn't the issue!

Let's be clear the fact that guys like Verlander, Cole and even Patrick Corbin all could of been Yankees is troubling but the pitching is just fine as is! The Yankees' pitching has given up SEVEN RUNS in the first three games on the ALCS! They haven't been perfect but they've been more than good enough for the Yankees to be up 3-0! Think about this, the Astros averaged about 5.6 runs a game this season and at home that number climbs over 6 runs per game. So the fact that the Yankees pitching has kept them to 7 total runs over the first three games is GREAT. The bats for the Yankees need to step up!

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