We have become a Country of whiners and cry babies...Waaaaaaah I want what I want and damn everything and everybody else..Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Makes me sick really!

The latest " give me what I want" cry is over NBC's Olympic coverage. You listen to some of these fools and it is " I have a right to it now give it to me". I tell you what if I was running NBC not only would I not be defending the coverage I wouldn't have streaming coverage. Ah I love Capitalism!

Everywhere you go-Albany, Phoenix, Los Angeles no matter and you would think it is against the law for NBC to make a profit on their HUGE investment in the 30th Olympiad.

Yeah NBC is going to show it's top events at 2pm on a Monday afternoon live so it can satisfy some people, thus losing out on their prime time coverage when they are looking to get HUGE ratings and turn that into ad sales. Yeah NBC should show the top events at 11.30am on Sunday morning to quell the whining...NOT!

NBC gives you Sports on 6 different networks. You don't like soccer then turn off Telemundo and go to NBC Sports Network and get a mixed bag of events. You want Tennis go to Bravo. You want boxing go to CNBC. I mean that is high quality customer service. Get what you want not what they tell you  what you have to watch.

Prime time is for the most watched events. That equals bigger ratings, that equals higher volume sales per minute, that equals profit. Profit is such a wonderful thing.

My only complaint is prime time means more gymnastics which I don't like but I long ago realized networks don't care about male sports fans during prime time Olympic coverage. They are mostly looking for female audiences thus figure skating in the Winter games and gymnastics for the Summer games. I get it. I don't like it but again NBC and their family of networks wants mass audience which equals money. I respect that.

NBC is pulling in record ratings so for all the kvetching people are still watching. The ratings would be far less if they showed the biggest events at an absurd, non prime time slot.

I want to thank NBC for their stellar coverage of the games, including some great announcers. You can't beat Dan Hicks and Rowdy Gaines doing swimming events. What excitement they bring to the table. Teddy Atlas is so honest about boxing and colorful I hope they don't yank him off the set. I could go on but the point is NBC's coverage has been great and I am not an NBC fan.

Stop crying whiney America and enjoy the spectacle that is the games of London!

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