Imagine this. You run a business or manage a business. One of your employees totally quits on you and the result is you get fired. Now that same quitter professes how much he likes you and respects and can't wait to be together again. While this isn't an exact replica this pretty much lays out the scenario for USA basketball in the upcoming Olympic games from London!

Anthony who flat out rolled over on former Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni now claims he can't wait to be reunited with the Olympic assistant coach for the upcoming games in England.

Anthony will be part of the USA's team for the Summer games. Here is hoping that D'Antoni can influence head coach Mike Krzyzewski and get some evens by keeping melo on the bench. I would love for D'Antoni to stick it to Melo, but hopefully not hurt our teams chances for gold.

Yes i am still upset that D'Antoni was stabbed in thr back by the selfish Anthony. I will say it again-Anthony is the ONLY offensive player who didn't like playing for D'Antoni. That's becuase Anthony is used to being catered to and getting his way even if the team suffers. he doesn't care. he cares about him not the team.

Melo says he is "looking forward to being with D'Antoni again". Yeah I am betting Mike doesn't feel the same although he won't ever say that. How would you feel?

I would love for D'Antoni to use his influence if he has any and embaress Anthony who deserves it and can use a lesson in team work. While D'Antoni has short comings as a coach, his are not near the short comings that Anthony has as a player. The Knicks are going nowhere with Anthony. he cares about I-not team. he wants his shots and isolation more then wins. D'antoni is a better coach then Mike Woodson but Melo could care less. he didn't like that the offense ran through Jeremy Lin and not him and he quit. he changed the plays being called. he sulked and pouted. he got D'Antoni fired although it was called a "resignation".

I want the USA to win the gold but I also want Anthony to get what is coming to him. I wonder how USA hoops feels about having the me-me-me Anthony and D'Antoni reunited again. Rumor is they aren't thrilled with it although Anthony denies any issues between the 2. Can you say oblivious!

This will be very interesting to follow. I know up here in the Capital region, and on my radio show game On With Bruce Jacobs, heard on 1045 The Team, ESPN radio, the anti Anthony feelings are neck and neck with the pro Anthony opinion but if team USA struggles and this relationship is part of the reason it will be interesting to see who gets blamed.

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