Residents in Greene County have been on high alert after a powerful storm - possibly a tornado - ripped through the Village Coxsackie on Wednesday afternoon.  Power outages along with extensive damage is being reported throughout town as dozens of trees were uprooted and many electrical lines destroyed.  Mayor Evans declared a State of Emergency and  all residents were asked to remain indoors and the roadways will be closed until officials can determine it's safe enough for residents to travel.

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“A State of Emergency has been declared in the Village of Coxsackie due to damage from a potential tornado. Approximately 100 trees are down with electrical wires, the situation is hazardous. Stay in your home. No unnecessary travel.” -Mark Evans, Mayor.  Village of Coxsackie Facebook 
As of now, the claims of an actual tornado touching down are unsubstantiated, but the powerful storm was likened to a tornado by many locals who experienced it firsthand.
Ravena Mayor Bill Misuraca posted a message on his Facebook page informing his residents that he's sent Ravena's DPW to assist Coxsackie in any way necessary.
One Coxsackie native named Jim Karkheck posted a message on Misuraca's Facebook page explaining what he saw, and why he believes it may have been a tornado.
"I only lost cable TV and internet, my power stayed on. Unfortunately, several very large trees were uprooted; the noise was impressive, and the windows shook, so maybe it was a tornado." -Jim Karkheck 
Coxsackie Storm Tisha Rae Facebook
Coxsackie Storm Tisha Rae Facebook
Coxsackie Storm Tisha Rae Facebook

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