The University of Minnesota has released a study that found out a shocking number of Americans drink at baseball and football games.  The numbers are even a surprise to me. 

The University of Minnesota has found that 40 percent of Americans drink at stadiums, and that 1 in 12 people at the stadium is flat out drunk. This number is shocking and says drinking leads to the recent rise in violence at stadiums across the country. Drinking and violence goes hand in hand to begin with and when you tie sports in things can boil over, passion turns into violence.

Yah you think? They spent time and money on researching something you could of figured out with three 30 racks and a group of frat brothers. After they go through the “this awesome stage”, the singing “Journey” songs stage, and the planning to buy a Sbarro’s franchise stage, naturally the next step in fisty cuffs.  Friends become enemies, enemies become friends and douches want to fist fight after 5 cans of Beast Ice, its just the science of drinking.

I’ve drank beers at many events in my life: Sports, Concerts, Weddings, Funerals, job interviews, dance recitals, baptisms, drivers test, 1,3,and 5th dates, 2,4,6th dates,  In college, in class in college,  on lunch, at work, around work, at the gym, in a taco bell bathroom,  at my prom in 2002, at some prom in 2010, I mean I’ve been places and enjoyed a few libations along the way. The trick is, don’t get piss your pants drunk just drink enough to heighten your enjoyment level.


I know a lot of you out there have a problem finding your off switch, and you’re saying well I’m not having  fun unless someone is holding my hair while I evacuate my belly into a storm drain. That is wrong, No one likes what happens when you cross the line of buzzed to drunk. No one likes going home with someone you will regret, no one likes crapping them selves in front of friends family and political figures. I also know that no one likes the all day hangovers that make even the smallest task imposable, but we do it to our selves and then say the biggest lie in human History “I’m never drinking again”.

Fighting is the big off shoot, I have never been in a drunken brawl but at the same time I’m not violent in nature. I’m big and strong but hold no ill will toward the people around me, both sober and inebriated. However I don’t speak for everyone, we have all seen the guys who drink them selves to the point were the only thing that will satisfy them is punching some other d-bag right in the face.  This is a common theme at both ball games and at bars.  I think this Study should be about the percentage of drunken people who are complete a-holes. In my experience its about 1 in 25.

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