People always ask me “Fish you like to Drink, But what is the best beer to drink”. Here is my list.


Best European Style Beer- Blue moon, this is just my way of saying almost all Hefeweizen.  First Brewed in Belgium and Germany, its one of the most refreshing beers in the world when you ad a slice of Orange to the glass.  This is one of the greatest ways to START your night. Yes delicious is great for the first 2 beers, but anything more then that your walking out of the bar a little light in the wallet

Best Major American Beer- Coors Light- This beer is flat out the best tasting beer made in America, The light allows you to drink 5 to 8 of these bad boys in a sitting without even getting up to pee. It picks up where all other light beers fail.  The Rocky Mountain Silver Bullet is a staple in my fridge at all times.

Best Small Brewing Company- Long Trail- Long Trail, located in Vermont, has been making beer for 20 years, and every year it seems to get better and better. This company supplies 40 percent of beer consumed in Vermont, and if you’ve been to Vermont, drinking is about the only fun thing to do there. With many different styles, Altbier, Strong Ale, Hefeweizen, Brown Ale, IPA, Fruit Beer, Amber Ale, Scottish Ale, and Witbier they produce the whole gambit of beers. If you’re looking to get a buzz but still look classy this is a safe bet.

Best Canadian Beer-Labatt Blue- This beer has been a part of my life sense I first learned pond hockey and beer go together pretty nicely. With a richness in the taste as coupled with the strong Canadian brewing history of Labatt blue makes this a can’t miss. And the Labatt Blue refreshment Duo is pretty nice to look at as well. This beer was the official beer of Hockey Night in Canada, enough said.

Best Cheap beer- Busch Light- This beer is my camping, fishing, and all around out door beer. When staying put and you’re going to be drinking for hours on end, you can’t go wrong with Busch Light. Same taste as Bud light with half the price.  Plus you can buy them in 16 once cans   in a six pack for 5 bucks. Does a cheap beer get better then that? NO

Now remember binge drinking is fun, and really helps you unwind and be who you really are but you are afraid to be. Don’t do it (Corporate is making me type this). So drink responsibly and junk.

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