Marcus Mariota has had many successes in his life but let's be honest, the sandwich sculpture of himself has to be up there towards the top, right?

On second look, actually, hopefully somebody ate that thing quickly.

As part of one of his first endorsement signings, the NFL Draft prospect took a picture next to himself made out of all Subway products. How good looking are those bell pepper ears, huh!?

Earlier this week, Nike introduced a marketing campaign around Mariota as well. Perhaps they should've made a shoe sculpture of him?

Mariota is currently the second-ranked quarterback in the draft and has been linked to any team in the top 10. While some doubt whether Mariota has enough experience in a pro offense, it was Jon Gruden this week that came to the Oregon quarterback's defense.

"This stereotype as Marcus Mariota as a spread quarterback that just runs read options all the time, that's ridiculous," Gruden said on a conference call, on Tuesday. "I could be his agent. I think he's very poised."

Whatever team signs Mariota, they should take note of this scary sculpture and not send him a celebratory sandwich ring.

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