I'm not a Dancing With The Stars fan but this seasons cast is full of Sports stars and has a little Capital Region flare to it as well. Here is the full cast:

Von Miller: Fresh off being named MVP of Super Bowl Miller will show his moves on the dance floor.

Doug Flutie: Flutie is no stranger to the Cap Region after his years NFL some of which were with the Buffalo Bills.

Antonio Brown: This Steelers great is the son of former Albany Fire bird "Touchdown: Eddie Brown.

Paige Van-Zandt: She's little but she's fierce! Her nickname is "12 Gauge" and she's 6-2 in the UFC.

Mischa Barton: She's been in "Six Sense" and is a Hollywood It girl.

Nyle Demarco: Winner of America's Top Model cycle 22.

Kim Fields: TOOTIE!!!

Marla Maples: She was married to Donald Trump for 6 years!

Wanya Morris: Boys II Men.

Geraldo Rivera: No matter what he does he will always remind me of when he got his nose broken by a bunch of skin heads and when he opened Al Capone's empty vault.

Jodie Sweetin: Stephanie Tanner on Fuller House...She's really hot now.

Ginger Zee: Good Morning America's chief meteorologist.