Over the past two weeks, the Super Bowl has been broken down every way except one, and that’s my way.  If I have to be the one to break the game down properly then so be it. Let’s do this.

  • 2010 Turnover differential: Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh: +17 Green Bay: +10 -- The previous 44 Super Bowl winners are a combined +90 in turnover differential in the big game.

  • Cooler city:   Pittsburgh

You can keep your Beast Ice, give me a pub crawl on East Carson Street all day.

  • Big play threat: Pittsburgh (Mike Wallace)

Dude is FAST!

  • More prestigious: Green Bay

Pittsburgh has had far more recent success, but before the 70’s, they were terrible.  The freakin’ trophy is named after Lombardi.

  • 2010 Rush attempts: Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh: 376 Green Bay: 271 -- All 10 playoff winners this year have attempted more rushes than the losing team.

  • Larger fan base: Draw

I’m not sure why, but there are fans of both everywhere.  Too close to call.

  • Better owners: Pittsburgh

The Rooney family has created the blueprint for how to run a successful sports franchise.  Green Bay is publicly owned, and the public voted Yao Ming as an All-Star starter.

Based on these undisputable facts, there is only one conclusion to be drawn:

Pittsburgh Steelers 28

Green Bay Packers 24