Super Bowl XV is why I became a Raiders fan. There are many reasons it was a great game to select your favorite NFL team. It had everything from an underdog winning to the first ever Wild Card team to win it all. The reason Super Bowl XV will always be my favorite and I'll never give on my Raiders had very little to do with that. This is the first game I remember watching with my father and the first time he actual told me who he wanted to win.

My dad wasn't the kind of man to gush over a favorite team or give loyalty to some random logo. HE had to fight and claw for everything we ever had. So nine times out of ten when I would ask "Dad who do you want to win this game?" he would fire back with "I'll tell you after the game." I'm still not sure if it was the Wild Card factor or just a moment of weakness that made him answer honestly and say "The Raiders" but it's stayed with me ever sense. Even though it's been a rough for a while now I did get to see another Super Bowl win just three years later in Super Bowl XVIII.

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