It's rare that the early National Signing Day gets the kind of attention yesterday got. We of course highlighted the incoming players joining the UAlbany Great Danes but maybe the best story i n sports yesterday revolved around a 3-Star recruit and his friend, Kingsley.

We all know that Goz is the Syracuse Orange homer on this show but yesterday I found myself becoming a fan of Cooper Dawson and of course his friend Kingsley. Not many people get to choose between playing football for UCF or Syracuse and even fewer get to do that after a torn ACL. Even fewer still are part of such a decision from a wheel chair. Dawson not only included Kingsley he let him make the actual announcement. It's not like this is a one sided relationship either. It's Kingsley that Dawson credits with teaching him what he needed to rehab his injury. Real motivatio, a real bond and a great story for us all to share.

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