Three weeks ago, you along with many other sports fans felt like they had the perfect bracket. The bracket that was going to lead you to cash in on your office pool, and reward you the bragging rights for a full 12 months over your co-workers. For almost all of us, that's not going to the case this year. This year's Final four includes just one #1 seed (North Carolina), two #2 seeds (Villanova and Oklahoma) and the Final Four's first ever 10 seed (Syracuse). Only 1140 entries (.009%) of the over 13 million ESPN Tournament Challenge brackets correctly predicted this year's Final Four.

1045 The Team tracked down the current leader of ESPN's"Tournament Challenge" group. Richie Naegan is a Syracuse resident who's bracket (naegan53 10) ranks tied for 1st overall and 16th in the overall leader board. Naegan correctly predicted all of teams that qualified for the Sweet 16 plus all of the Final Four teams. Coincidentally  Naegan is a former neighbor of our Tom "Goz" Goslowski! What type of prizes will Richie win if Syracuse defeats Villanova in the national title game? And what type of advice does he have for you in filling out your bracket in the future? He shared those thoughts with Goz and Brady today.