Armen Williams

Last Year for Eli?
While the Giants will likely not extend Eli Manning’s contract before the beginning of this season, what if the G-Men don’t ever sign him again? As in, Eli is done in New York after this year? Apparently that’s part of their mindset.
Tasty Apology
For 10 years, I thought Wayne Simien elbowed me in the head, circa 2005. He watched the video this week and confirmed that was teammate Aaron Miles, not him. Oops, my bad. I'll own up to that.
Martellus Bennett Has Fun With Armen and Levack
Armen and Levack are live at the Super Bowl all week long! Thursday on radio row, they were joined by former Giant tight end Martellus Bennett to discuss his love of music, his past with Big Blue, and his future with the Chicago Bears. Hear their full talk!
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