While the Giants will likely not extend Eli Manning’s contract before the beginning of this season, what if the G-Men don’t ever sign him again? As in, Eli is done in New York after this year? Apparently that’s part of their mindset.

“Let’s just say this season goes poorly,” said Jordan Raanan of NJ.com, with Armen and Levack on the Team. “You’re going to have to get a new head coach, move forward. You’re talking about a 35-year-old quarterback. If it’s time to blow it up, if things go really wrong here in this 2015 season, the Giants now have given themselves some flexibility.  If this needs to be blown up, what’s the interest in bringing back a 35 year old quarterback? Maybe it’s time to move on.

“There is a future without Eli because sooner or later it’s coming. This is the NFL. When you’re 34, 35-years-old, the future is closer than it looks in the rear view mirror. It’s just the way it is in the NFL. There is so much that can happen in the span of a year.

“I don’t really understand the line, ‘I want Eli to retire a Giant no matter what.’ Well you know what? Here’s another reality in the NFL, it’s that it usually doesn’t end well for guys in the NFL. There are not many John Elway stories out there. Quarterbacks who are at the end of their career, everything is going smooth and peachy .If you’re 100% sold on Eli ending his career with the Giants, the likelihood is that it could end with the Giants but it’s not going to be pretty in a couple years.”

If the Giants are truly thinking about life without Manning then they should be a little more serious about it. Is Ryan Nassib the future of the Giants? If the front office thinks so, then cool, you’re ready for the next chapter.

If not, the rebuilding needs to start this year. Go draft a quarterback or bring in a free agent that could step in next season if you’re truly evaluating the option of not bringing back Manning long-term.

Furthermore, the age is one thing. But this is a guy who’s never missed a start in his entire time in a Giants uniform. Why are we suddenly talking like Manning could fall apart any day when he’s barely missed a snap?

The whole mindset of not signing Manning is still baffling to me and the explanation of, ‘it’s because he might not get re-signed next year’ is even more perplexing.

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