To say that we were blown away by the amount of response from our anniversary party on Friday would be an understatement.

Levack and I were in awe of how packed Buffalo Wild Wings - Standing room only in the bar and a wait to sit down and get a table. Of course, let's give the Yankees - Red Sox tickets that were the grand prize a big assist in that one, but we consider ourselves very lucky guys.

Many of you came up and shook our hands, telling us that you drove from all over the Capital Region and beyond. A listener named Guy drove from Hudson to be there!

It was great seeing our regular listeners and many new listeners.

The past year in the Capital Region has been beyond a blast for Levack and I both and we'd like to thank all of you for making this happen. With you tuning in every day from 3-7p and telling your friends, turning it on in rental cards, sharing the word at the family reunions, etc., we wouldn't be able to do this.

So many of you made Friday a very special day as we celebrated our one year. A few specific people that we want to thank for their gifts that they had both for you and us:

Buffalo Wild Wings: As if the great atmosphere to broadcast in wasn't enough, BWW in Clifton Park gave Levack and I both customized Buffalo Wiild Wings jerseys and free wings for a year! Talk about a dream come true!

Saratoga Eagle: As if the wifi speaker tower, golf bag and round of golf for four to give away wasn't enough - The Bud Light specials, schwag and mass presence on Friday was appreciated as always. Armen and Levack are ALWAYS 'Up For Whatever'!

Anthony Accetta: Our good buddy at First Investors provided a cookie cake and a funny card. Levack took the cookie cake home and the Levack family celebrated throughout the weekend thanks to you, Tony!

All-Star Wine and Spirits: Siena grad Caig out-did himself like usual with two large gift baskets for the each of us. Inside was our poison of choice, for Levack it was nothing but the best Jack Daniels around. For me? A large bottle of 75th Anniversary Crown Royal, stuffed with a bunch of nips as well, perfect for drinking at work home.

Listeners Trudi and Steve: A very thoughtful and kind card along with a cookie cake that we tore into at Buffalo Wild Wings and then brought home to #BabyMunchie to take care of the rest. Predictable, she had no problem eating it.

Listener Chuck: Brought Levack and Armen's "Wifey" a zombie alcoholic beverage because of their love of 'The Walking Dead'. Wifey can't wait to drink that thing ... in approximately 3 months.

G-Box Gym: Glenn and his crew were well in attendance, spreading the word about G-Box and enjoying a good time with us.

DJM Property Services: Our buddy Mike provided a de-thatching and over-seeding for your lawn this spring! Looking forward to getting more involved and telling you about Mike in the future.

Shmaltz Brewing Company: Shane and the great group at Shmaltz Brewing gave us a large basket full of delicious craft beers! Incredible, guys.

Eddie from Special Olympics: He and his mom were there before we even got there and stay the whole time. We're very proud of Eddie, a Special Olympics Athlete, as he continues to work hard and is a great spokesman for everything great that Special Olympics New York is about.

Jimmy Patsos: Many thanks to the Siena head basketball coach coming out and joining us. This time was even better because he brought the infamous @MsPatsos along with him! Also, great moment on the show when Coach Patsos invited Eddie from Special Olympics New York to sit directly behind the Siena bench this upcoming season.

Derek Brown: Our good buddy and former New York Giants tight end. Have enjoyed doing radio with him over the year and look forward to many more shows to come in the future. If you need electricity, DB is your guy!

There are many more people to thank that helped put together our special day and event. Thanks to everyone for your support over the last 365 days and here's to having a lot more anniversary shows! Let's do it!

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