Should Demarcus Lawrence Sign Autographs For Giants' Fans?
I love sports and I love rivalries. There's something therapeutic about hating a piece laundry instead of a real person. It's like play fighting or slap boxing. It's not really serious but it allows us to channel emotions into a harmless thing that has no real impact on our lives. I&a…
Sink’s Haircut Meets A Yankee
As you know by now, I look like a bit of a freak - even more than usual!  After losing the "Sound-off Standoff" bet, I now have the Yankees "NY" logo shaved in the back of my head.
But what happens when I, the Yankee hater, actually meet a real-life New York Y…
Brett Favre’s Streak Ends
Brett Favre's ironman streak of 297 consecutive regular-season starts came to an end last night as the Giants beat the Vikings 21-3 in Detroit.