Dallas Cowboys' running back Tashard Choice asked for Michael Vick's autograph following the Eagles' 30-27 win over the Cowboys on Sunday night.

Apparently, Tashard Choice got Michael Vick's autograph for his 2-year old nephew.  Choice also says that he has nothing but respect for Vick.

Do you have a problem with what Tashard Choice did?  Personally, I don't have a problem with it, but Choice had no idea that some people might.

I won't blow things out of proportion and suggest that Choice didn't care that the Cowboys just lost to the Eagles.  I will suggest that Choice had no foresight to realize that fans would take this gesture the wrong way.

It's not a tradition in football for one NFL player to get another NFL player's autograph on the field directly after a game.  This isn't like soccer players exchanging jerseys after a match.  It's just different.

Now Choice is going to get clowned by his teammates, clowned by the media, called out by fans, and has made the Cowboys a punch line for getting Michael Vick's autograph on national television.  Bad Choice.